Geoquip Marine AG was established in 2010 with the aim of consolidating, complementing and enhancing assets and the skills and experience of personnel in associated companies. Some of these personnel have experience in the offshore geotechnical and survey industries over the past 30 years, the equipment is well proven and encompasses years of operational experience. We continue to develop, design, build and operate state-of-the-art equipment. The Group has carried out projects on all continents with the exception of Antarctica. The group has completed the build and commissioning of an advanced deep water rig which has been successfully operated in the South Pacific, Baltic Sea and Japanese Sea. In 2013 the group acquired two geotechnical drilling vessels capable of supporting geophysical and survey services that operate in Africa, the Mediterranean and the Caspian. In 2014 the group took a modern DP vessel on long term charter and has equipped it with a deep water drilling system.

In 2014 a strategic joint venture with DeepOcean for the North Sea was announced. This joint venture is committed to be able to provide two offshore geotechnical drilling spreads in the North Sea and will be able to offer services in the Norwegian sector where regulations are extremely demanding.

The Group designs, builds and operates its own equipment; it also owns or charters the specialised vessels as platforms for drilling and seabed testing. Geoquip is continuously building on its experience and current assets to develop new equipment and services. Moreover we are expanding our geophysical and survey services, until now it has subcontracted these services from other companies but has recently modified its vessels and acquired equipment in order to be able to carry out survey and investigation work with one mobilisation – this is especially efficient in remote locations. A special geotechnical drilling vessel suitable for operating in Arctic regions has been designed for Geoquip in Norway - she is planned for delivery in 2016.