Project Description
Geoquip Marine were contracted by GEMS Global Resources Nigeria who were contracted by Total E&P Nigeria Limited for the provision of a geotechnical investigation within the OML 102 field for Etisong NE and Ofon drilling sites, Offshore Nigeria. The investigation provided identification of the underlying soils at the Ofon and Etisong NE locations and an overview of the soil conditions at the site. Geotechnical engineering parameters for the soils encountered at the locations were to enable performance of jack-up spudcan penetration and pile driveability assessments.

Scope of services
2 number alternating sampling/PCPT rotary boreholes to 45 - 130m. 7 number continuous sampling rotary boreholes to 30 - 55m. 19 number continuous PCPT testing boreholes to 8 - 60m.

Project Team
Vessel master and crew, offshore project manager, geotechnical crew, positioning surveyor, drillers, tool operators, medic and security.