Geoquip is the only company to break the dominance of the industry’s major player in the world’s largest scientific research expedition, the International Ocean Drilling Programme. In 2013, with the newly developed GMTR120, Geoquip provided a floating scientific laboratory to over 30 scientist from around the world. The objective of the investigation was to address four key research areas which was achieved by conducting sampling and analysis of in situ soil conditions. The provision of a paleoenvironment investigation at proposed locations took place within the Danish and Swedish sectors of the Baltic Sea for the British Geological Survey.

Geoquip has been at the forefront of deepwater mineral and gas hydrate explorations. Once again Geoquip displayed its innovative strength and ability to develop new equipment which is specifically designed to maximise data quality and acquisition efficiency. That in turn leads directly to economies of vessel time. The Deepwater Cuttings Collections system is the first in the offshore industry and allows large quantities of minerals to be collected quickly.

Geoquip is one of the first offshore contractors to explore the deeper waters of the ocean for gas hydrates and has already been contracted by the leading nation in developing gas hydrates for commercial purposes.