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Ultimately our clients come to us to buy data. The ships, the rigs, the drilling, the coring and the initial offshore laboratory testing are key components of the vital process that enables us to get to what really matters, the samples themselves, and it’s what happens next that is truly crucial.

Clients naturally demand accurate and reliable data that is delivered as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

That’s why we have chosen to invest so heavily in equipping our own onshore testing laboratory, to provide a comprehensive range of testing services, ensuring that we have control of the entire process ourselves, from the moment the vessel launches to the moment the final report lands on your desktop.

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Geoquip Marine geotechnical investigation laboratory equipment

Using our vast accumulated knowledge of geotechnical investigation, we have ensured that the laboratory covers all of the most significant testing procedures, including PSD, Atterberg, UU Triaxial, CIU Triaxial / CID Triaxial (with or without bender element), Constant Rate of Strain consolidation, incremental load consolidation, direct shear, ring shear test, thermal conductivity, electrical resistivity and particle density testing.

The laboratory is equipped throughout with cutting edge technology and we have taken care to recruit the most highly qualified and experienced laboratory staff available to ensure that we can provide the most detailed and accurate data analysis possible.

All tests can be undertaken to meet all of the recognised global industry standards, including ISO, ASTM and BS.

Chris Brandish-LOwe, Head of Engineering

Head of engineering


“Taking the decision to establish our own testing laboratory was a highly significant development for our company and for the wider geotechnical investigation industry,” says Head of Engineering Chris Brandish-Lowe. “There is no secret that there is a significant global deficit in the availability of specialist onshore geotechnical laboratory testing services and this was a constantly recurring limiting factor that resulted in frustrating delays for clients in delivering the accurate data they require.”

“Geotechnical data has to be accurate but it also has to be delivered quickly and reliably. Investing in the laboratory takes Geoquip Marine to a completely new level as a global operator. We are no longer a business that is focused on gathering data and then sub-contracting out an essential part of the operation. We are now able to provide a comprehensive, controlled end-to-end service, with a single point of contact, which means clients not only get the precision they require, they also have access to this more quickly and more reliably.”

“Investing in our own laboratory closes the gap between engineering and analysis. Being in control of the process also means that we are able to step outside conventional testing and adapt our own testing procedures to the specific demands of every individual contract, and we have rapidly found that this is another vital consideration.”

“Following the opening we have experienced tremendous demand for the testing laboratory which means we are further expanding our capacity. We will be doubling our triaxial testing capacity in 2022 and significantly increasing our consolidation capacity.”


Floor 5, Vintry Building, Wine Street, Bristol BS1 2BD, UK

Geoquip Marine laboratory testing services


The testing services provided by the laboratory broadly cover:

  • Classification Testing
  • Consolidation Testing
  • Index Strength Testing
  • Shear Testing
  • Triaxial Testing

The full specific range of tests within this includes:

  • Water Content
  • Atterberg Limits
  • PSD (Including Hydrometer)
  • Particle Density
  • Min-Max Density
Geoquip Marine laboratory permeability testing


  • Constant Rate of Strain
  • Incrementation Loading
  • Constant Head Permeability


  • Index Strength Testing
  • Torvane and Pocket
  • Penetrometer Fall Cone
  • Miniature vane


  • Direct Shear (Shearbox)
  • Ring Shear


  • UU Triaxial
  • CIU Triaxial (with or without bender elements)
  • CID Triaxial Thermal and Electrical Properties
  • Thermal Conductivity
  • Electrical Resistivity

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A wide range of geotechnical tests are available for any project. These are carried out by highly experienced technicians with a broad range of geotechnical experience.

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