Offshore Geotechnical Drilling Rig GMR600

GMR600 offshore geotechnical drilling rig
Water + borehole depth
Heave compensation

Mid water geotechnical drilling capabilities

The GMR600 Geoquip Marine designed and built rig is suitable for drilling, coring, sampling and testing in all soil conditions in mid waters to a combined water and borehole drilling depth down to 600m. It is compatible with 5½” or 6⅝” API drill string and safety is improved with the rig’s mechanized drill pipe handling system that is remotely operated, allowing for minimum manual intervention.

An additional major consideration in its design was to reduce the time and cost to mobilise the rig to logistically challenging locations, to a vessel of opportunity.

Drill rigs for deep water

Efficient operation of downhole tools

An 8 to 20t seabed frame is used to clamp the drill string, enabling undisturbed downhole sampling and in situ testing. Together with the Geoquip Marine designed Bottom Hole Assembly, downhole tools are fully interchangeable without the need to recover the drill string, allowing investigations to run more efficiently.

The GMR600 is compatible with a wide range of wireline, downhole sampling equipment including:

  • Piezocone Penetration Testing (PCPT) systems.
  • Push / piston and percussive sampling tools.
  • Marine wireline core barrel.
  • P-S suspension logger.
Wireline downhole tools


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