Twin Ram Offshore
Geotechnical Drilling Rig GMTR120

GMTR120 Offshore Drilling Rig on Vessel
Water + borehole depth
Heave compensation

Deep water geotechnical drilling capabilities

The Geoquip Marine designed and built Twin Ram Drilling Rig (GMTR120) is suitable for drilling, coring, sampling and testing in all soil conditions, operating at depths down to 2500m, with an option to extend to 3000m.

Drill rigs for deep water

Delivers reliable samples in challenging conditions

When operated the rig can offer better sample recovery and quality with the safe and controlled handling of downhole tools using the rig’s ram hoist system with twin wire suspension, combined with the GMTR120’s 6m passive heave compensation capability.

Drill rigs for deep water

Safe and effective site investigations

Safety is improved with the rig’s mechanized pipe handling system that is remotely operated, allowing for minimum manual intervention.

The GMTR120 is compatible with a wide range of wireline, downhole sampling, testing and logging equipment including

  • Piezocone Penetration Testing (PCPT) systems.
  • Push / piston and percussive sampling tools.
  • Rotary coring tools.
  • P-S Logging tools.

Efficiency is achieved by interchanging all tools without recovering the drill string.

CPT surveys can be rapidly executed with the Geoquip Marine designed and built GMC201 seabed CPT test system which can be lowered and hoisted by the GMTR120 rig.

The GMTR120 is also capable of running Logging While Drilling (LWD) Bottom Hole Assemblies to provide detailed geophysical, geomechanical, petro physical and geological borehole data.

Geoquip Marine GMTR120 Drill Rig in Action


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