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Pioneers and innovators in offshore geotechnical site investigations. Safely delivering reliable data for the design of marine structures and for scientific exploration, worldwide.

Geoquip Marine Group provides offshore geotechnical solutions worldwide to the renewable and energy industries, infrastructure developers, and government and research organisations. We safely obtain data from the seabed and sub-strata, interpret that data and provide engineering and scientific recommendations in reports to our clients.

The reports submitted to our clients with our data and recommendations are essential for the design of:

  • Foundations for offshore structures, such as wind turbines, production platforms, LNG loading terminals, jack-ups, and bridge foundations.
  • Subsea installations such as templates, manifolds, and marine turbines.
  • Anchors for floating production and storage systems.
  • Tunnels, pipelines, and cables.

We also provide services connected with well safety test drilling where shallow gas is expected or data for conductor installation. Additionally, we provide mineral and gas hydrate exploration services in deep water, where we have developed and commissioned seabed equipment to improve exploration efficiency.

Our clients are in the private and public sectors which include offshore renewable energy companies, scientific organizations, global energy companies, as well as governments.

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We also develop, design, build and operate state-of-the-art equipment, which is well proven and encompasses years of operational experience.

Geoquip Marine designed & built drilling rig

Recently, we completed the build and commissioning of two advanced deep water rigs which have been successfully operated around the world including in the South Pacific, Baltic Sea, Mediterranean, Arabian Gulf, West Africa and Japanese Sea.

With the exception of Antarctica, we have carried out projects on all continents.

Geoquip Marine employs engineers, geo-scientists, technicians, mariners and field operatives.


The Geoquip Marine Group was established in 2011 with the aim of consolidating, complementing, and enhancing assets, the skills, and experience of personnel in associated companies. Our key people have over 35 years of experience in the offshore geotechnical and survey industries.

In 2013 the Group formed a partnership with Fukada for operations in Japan and South East Asia and a number of deepwater gas hydrate and geotechnical investigations have been completed. Plans for continued work in the region in offshore renewables are in place.

In 2017 the Group partnered with vessel owners and managers, Myklebusthaug, to develop a further deep water spread which has completed a number of projects worldwide.

Since 2018 the group has been expanding extensively in the Offshore Renewables market completing significant projects across Europe, Asia, and the USA using its current fleet of five permanently mobilised geotechnical drilling vessels.

Today, Geoquip Marine Group continues to expand and follow its mission and vision, safely delivering reliable geotechnical data to its customers, worldwide.


Geoquip Marine | About Geoquip Marine


Meet the pioneers and innovators that lead our company today.

Geoquip Marine | About Geoquip Marine


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Geoquip Marine | About Geoquip Marine


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Geoquip Marine | About Geoquip Marine


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Geoquip Marine | About Geoquip Marine


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Wherever your offshore project is, Geoquip Marine is ready to prove to you that it can safely deliver reliable geotechnical data and exceed your expectations in customer service.

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