Offshore Engineering


Geoquip Marine provides time tested offshore engineering services to help you assess risk and manage uncertainty with reliable inputs for the design of your marine structures.

Our team of experienced and proficient Geotechnical Engineers and Geologists bring the following capabilities to support your offshore project:

  • Production of high level desktop studies.
  • Site characteristics and parameterisation.
  • Scheduling and management of standard, advanced and cyclic onshore laboratory testing programmes.
  • Design parameters for offshore foundations and soil-structure interactions.
  • Robust and in-depth engineering analyses and reporting.

Geoquip Marine Engineers are members of the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) and the Register of Ground Engineering Professionals (RoGEP). Our continually expanding engineering capability is based on years of experience and knowledge, and is supported by in-house developed software that incorporates recent industry advances and practices.

Geoquip Marine can plan bespoke projects and scope of works to ensure the recovered data from an offshore geotechnical site investigation is suitable for the design of your marine structure and that the final deliverables meet your requirements. This can include consideration of location and frequency of site investigation points, testing and sampling regimes, recovery of data or samples, reporting as well as onshore laboratory deliverables.


We deliver offshore engineering services that support the design and development of a number of offshore structures.

Geoquip Marine | Offshore Engineering

Offshore Wind Farm

In recent years, Geoquip Marine has completed a number of offshore wind farm site investigations. These included in-situ shear wave measurements, the scheduling and management of advanced and cyclic laboratory testing programmes tailored to delivering design parameters and site characteristic reports. Our services include:

  • Site characterisation and parameterisation.
  • Geohazard assessments.
  • In-situ shear wave measurement and interpretation.
Geoquip Marine | Offshore Engineering

Jack-up Emplacement

Geoquip Marine has completed numerous site investigations, engineering analyses and reports for jack-up emplacement. The risk of punch through (rapid leg penetration) is only one of several hazards associated with jack-up emplacement. We have the expertise to assess the risk for your site and recommend mitigation methods where possible. Our services include:

  • Leg penetration analysis.
  • Vertical-horizontal capacity check.
  • Scour assessment.
  • Pull-out resistance.
  • Liquefaction potential assessment.
  • Geo-hazard assessment.
Geoquip Marine | Offshore Engineering

Pipeline and Cables

Throughout the years Geoquip Marine has delivered the required engineering and reporting for trenching, scour assessment, soil interaction, liquefaction potential assessment and settlement/embedment. Our services include:

  • Burial risk assessments (export pipeline or flowlines, export cables and inter-array cables).
  • Soil and pipeline/cable interaction.
  • Liquefaction potential assessment.

Jacket Platform and Wellhead Conductor

Geoquip Marine offers jacket platform foundation and wellhead engineering solutions including capacity, driveability, liquefaction potential assessment, axial and lateral responses. Our services include:

  • Pile capacity.
  • Drivability analysis (hammer and jetted).
  • Pile axial and lateral responses.

Other Marine Infrastructure

In addition to other services, we can complete analyses and provide you solutions for various marine infrastructure including amongst others:

  • Mudmat.
  • Temporary seabed foundations.
  • Suction caisson.
  • Penetration of skirts.
  • Gravity based foundations.
  • Slope stability.
  • Anchoring.


To compliment the offshore laboratory testing, Geoquip Marine is affiliated with accredited onshore laboratories throughout the world where we conduct further testing and analysis. Advanced testing and cyclic are an important consideration for offshore wind farms and is a must in regions of seismic activity.

We are able to produce and advise you on laboratory test scheduling and manage the process from beginning to end; from sample delivery to interpreting results for design parameters. Onshore laboratory test schedules could include:

  • Index and classification tests.
  • Chemical tests.
  • Strength tests – soil and rock.
  • Consolidation tests.
  • Advanced and cyclic testing.
  • Geological age dating and other specialist test.
Geoquip Marine Onshore Laboratory Analysis


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