Offshore Geotechnical Drilling Rig GMR602

Geoquip Marine GMR602 drilling rig
Water + borehole depth
Heave compensation

Reliable geotechnical drilling capabilities

The GMR602 geotechnical drilling rig is specially designed to work safely in challenging environmental offshore conditions and high tidal waters.

The rig is built on a mezzanine deck, allowing storage of both the seabed frame for downhole operations and the seabed CPT unit below the drill floor.  A dedicated launch mechanism allows a safe and efficient switch between downhole and seabed mode through the large moonpool.

Drill rigs for mid water

Efficient operation of downhole tools

The GMR602 is compatible with a wide range of wireline, downhole sampling, testing and coring equipment. It also has the added benefit of being capable of piggyback coring to allow high quality cores being acquired.

The testing, sampling and coring systems include:

  • Piezocone Penetration Testing (PCPT) systems.
  • Push / piston and percussive sampling tools.
  • SQ triple tube marine wireline core barrel, 100mm sample diameter
  • PQ Piggyback high quality coring
  • PS suspension logger.
Wireline downhole tools


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