Global offshore geotechnical data acquisition, analysis and reporting specialist Geoquip Marine is pleased to announce it will attend the Global Offshore Wind Summit 2022 on 16 November in Washington, DC.

The single-day event will focus on the fast-growing offshore wind market and will feature thought leaders and international energy industry experts who will be on hand to share their insights into the development of green energy sources. Organised by renewable energy business news outlet Recharge, the event will take place at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center.

Throughout the day there will be three main sessions covering key issues for the offshore wind sector. Session One will cover ‘Building the first 2 Terawatts’ and will include a panel discussing the need to reach 2TW of offshore wind power generation to meet global mid-century Net Zero goals.

Session Two is ‘The American Offshore Revolution’ and includes a panel discussing the Biden Administration’s 2030 ‘national goal’ to be generating 30GW of offshore wind by the end of the decade. It will also include conversations regarding the ambitious plan needed to make that goal a reality for the United States.

Finally, Session Three looks to the horizon for ‘Floating Wind’s Fast-forward Future’. This session will include a panel discussing the role of floating wind in the development of global offshore wind and the pioneering technologies driving the sector forwards.

USA Country Manager Flanery Tangang will be attending on behalf of Geoquip Marine and will be available to discuss our years of experience successfully delivering reliable data for offshore wind projects around the world. Flanery will also be available to discuss the availability of our fleet of vessels.

You can pre-book a meeting slot at Recharge Global Offshore Wind Summit 2022 with Flanery via the calendar below.

We look forward to seeing you at the show.