Welcome to Meet Our Geoquip, a new regular post featuring our people insights from across Geoquip Marine. This regular feature is an opportunity for the many diverse voices working in both on offshore and onshore teams to share their story, provide insights into their role in the company and offer advice to those looking to begin or continue their career in geotechnical engineering.

Today’s post features Nara Pavan, a Protected Species Observer working onboard on of our integrated geotechnical survey vessels. We would like to thank Nara for sharing her story with us.

Can you tell us about your role at Geoquip Marine?

I work in an offshore capacity as a Protected Species Observer (PSO) for Geoquip marine, so in my role I try my best to look out for marine mammals and sea turtles close to the prospect area and do mitigation procedures if needed.

What inspired you to follow a career path into the geotechnical engineering industry?

I think this is about safeguarding the future of the natural world and that’s why I’ve decided to engage in that area. It’s important to me to be involved in a career where I can help protect marine species and the environment.

What do you enjoy most about working offshore as a Protected Species Observer?

What I enjoy most about that job is being able to spot marine mammals and sea turtles and try to help make less impacts on their lives with the mitigation procedures we’ve installed offshore. That is why we’re there and if we can help protect these animals from the impact of human activity then that’s already a good start.

What are the key skills or attributes you need to be successful in an environmentally focused role such as yours?

First, you need to love what you’re doing, otherwise you won’t do it right. That passion is incredibly important, especially for a Protected Species Observer. Second, you must pay attention to small details to spot an animal within miles of the vessel. And third, you must learn about the species you’re dealing with in the prospect area, so being proactive and studying about it would be great for the job and your confidence as a PSO.

What advice would you give someone who is considering a career with Geoquip Marine?

I’d say working at Geoquip Marine has made me very happy and if someone wants to work there, I’d absolutely recommend it. As a company, it helps us follow our careers and develop our skills and competencies, while giving us that extra push to step up!

Finally, do you have any hobbies or passions outside of your work? Please tell us about them.

I love traveling and discovering new places around the world, so with my job as a Protected Species Observer Geoquip Marine has really helped me combine both passions: working as a PSO and traveling around the world to see new places and meet new people.

Thank you for sharing your story with us, Nara!

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